Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Quote of the Day

The many disputes of feminism are a question of boundaries and of terrain rather than of strict genealogy. It is useless to trace up smooth continuities and lineages when the mapping of engagement runs across so many divergent methodological and conceptual lines, as well as cultural histories. One must just take what one needs to work and think. Poets such as Adrienne Rich, Nicole Brossard, June Jordan, were crucial activists, brilliant theorists and polemicists of their generation, political poets, and for their purposes, they had divergent ideas about woman, but agreed on the fact that as cultural axis, "she" is a symbol of necessary revolution, a complicated dare, that must be contextualised in relation to class, ethnicity, cultural belonging. Feminism ahs been a collective yet conficted password; women, a heterogeneous potential; and Freud's dark continent, "a rose wet cave." These things were difficult to say, didn't sit easily in language, nor in culture and one needed to carve inroads. These things are still difficult to say, and still easily derided.--Caroline Bergvall, "Points of Pressure"


kristinking said...

What is that a picture of? A placenta?

Timmi Duchamp said...

LOL! No, it's a jellyfish-- a rather extraordinary one, that was thrown up by the tide while I was out walking.

kristinking said...

OK, NOW I see it. I think my brain went to placenta-land after reading this part of the quote:

Freud's dark continent, "a rose wet cave."

But it is a lovely jellyfish.