Friday, August 14, 2020

Sarah Tolmie's Disease


I'm please to announce the release of Disease, a fiction by Sarah Tolmie, as the seventy-sixth volume in our Conversation Pieces series, in both print and e-book editions. 

Bodily life is an uneasy business. The terror of disease is a ubiquitous one. New diseases are being discovered all the time. This book collects twenty contemporary diseases — privacy, for example, or innovation, or involuntary compassion — and presents their primary symptoms and etiologies. It presents sufferers’ anecdotes: Owen wakes up one day made of glass. Deirdre is allergic to tourists. A middle-aged diabetic is haunted by the feet of a Kurdish refugee child. Apples develop a persistent tremor, and peanuts plot underground. Human resilience is tested in dramatic new ways in Disease

You can purchase it now from Aqueduct at