Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Interlude: a brief word about Dorothea Dreams

I was pleased to get a copy of Charles De Lint's review of Suzy McKee Charnas's Dorothea Dreams today. The review will be appearing in De Lint's column "Books to Look For" in the Jan/Feb issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. De Lint begins by noting that the novel first came out in 1986 and declares that "it's a terrific book that deserves a new audience. Or to be revisited by those who remember it from the first time around." His full review will be published online in January here. But for now, here's his conclusion:
Dorothea Dreams is written with prose that sings from the page. It's filled with growth and change, acceptance and the struggle to make the world a better place, starting with oneself and one's immediate neighborhood. There is regret, but also joy. And ultimately, there is understanding, no easy state of mind to acquire.

This edition of Dorothea Dreams is well-designed, easy to read, and has a nice heft. Combined with its rich content, it's a treat from start to finish and I highly recommend it.

Never fear. We aren't done yet with our Pleasures of 2010 series. Stay tuned...

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