Thursday, August 30, 2018

The WisCon Chronicles, Vol. 12: Call for Submissions

WisCon Chronicles 12: LGBTQ+ Identities 
by JoSelle Vanderhooft

Hello, WisCon community! I’m thrilled and honored to announce that Emma Humphries and I will be editing WisCon Chronicles Volume 13, the theme of which will be LGBTQ+/queer/QUILTBAG identities.

We’re looking for submissions ranging from roughly 1,000 to 4,000 words. Pieces up to 5,000 words will be considered, but shorter lengths are preferred. This collection aims to be as intersectional as possible, so we are particularly interested in essays by (but by no means limited to) LGBTQ+ people of color, disabled people, immigrants, working-class people, people of (any) faith, and from other groups that experience multiple oppressions in addition to those against gender identity and sexual orientation. Additionally, we also encourage submissions by members of the community whose voices are under- or unrepresented in LGBTQ+ publications, including (but, again, not limited to): asexuals, aromantics, bisexuals and other multisexuals, intersex people, and nonbinary, genderqueer, and genderfluid people, as well as people whose identities have a complicated relationship with culturally dominant notions of what being LGBTQ+ means. We are also interested in hearing from LGBTQ+ people who are members of communities whose history ties in closely with LGBTQ+ history. In addition to personal essays on LGBTQ+ identity and its intersections with other identities, possible topics can include.

 ·Essays about LGBTQ+ fandom history and participation in fandom.

· LGBTQ+ presence at WisCon and other conventions, including con policies that are helpful or harmful to LGBTQ+ people.

 · LGBTQ+ fan works.

· The ongoing development of LGBTQ+ programming at WisCon and other feminist or feminist-friendly conventions.

 · Experiences at WisCon LGBTQ+ writers have had (good, bad, and otherwise).

 · Works of LGBTQ+ SF/F (prose, poetry, or any combination thereof)

· Academic essays on LGBTQ+ readings of SF/F media presented at WisCon.

Please submit your pieces, including a short query, by November 5 to Please also email this address with any questions.

Accepted file formats are .rtf, .doc, and .docx. If you need to submit in another file format, please query first so we can make sure we are able to accommodate you. We look forward to seeing your submissions!