Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter has arrived, I say

This is going to be very quick, partly because of the novel, partly because it was too cold for me to even think about stopping to write in my notebook at the midpoint of my walk. (And besides which, I kept thinking about the scene I'm working on.) So cold, actually, that I wished for thermal underwear. And had my scarf wrapped around the lower part of my face and my ears (bits of fuzzy wool in my mouth notwithstanding).

Sharp clear air, a pretty decent low tide (5.60 ft.). The wind was a lot milder than the one I faced yesterday. But instead of walking north to Point Wilson, I walked south to Pt. Hudson, because the lowness of the tide made it reasonably easy going, which hasn't been the case for several days now. Took only one photo, of a jellyfish that had engulfed some seaweed. (Why do I keep taking pictures of jellyfish? I guess because they fascinate me.) Oh, and lots of birds. Not the pair of eagles I saw about a week ago, but little ones that squeak. (Every time I got to within 30 ft. of one, it would take off, so I can't put a name to them.)

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