Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I woke this morning with a cold. Disappointing. But I took some cold medicine and followed my usual routine, sneezes, aches, and sluggishness notwithstanding. No way I was going to stay in bed, pampering myself. The only question was whether I'd be taking my walk on the beach. It is, after all, in the twenties (F). But the sea looked almost like glass, it was so smooth, so I figured there wouldn't be much wind. Which would mean I could wear my hat without having to hold it onto my head while on the beach. I walked to Pt. Wilson. The tide was at the lowest I've seen it (4.33 ft), and the sun low in the sky, a rusty red color that made the light dark gold. I saw parts of the beach, exposed by the tide, that I'd never laid eyes in the sixteen days I've been walking it. The little birds were out again, hopping away from me everytime I got near. And weirdly, a lone seagull persisted in standing and walking about the beach, taking big dumps, for about the seventy-five minutes I was out there.

Cold remedy or not, if I feel worse tomorrow, I probably won't brave the walk to the building that has wifi. I'll have to see.

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