Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nancy Jane Moore Reading in Austin

I'll be reading Friday night Jan. 29 as one of the winners of the Five Things New Year stories contest. The reading is in Austin at the United States Art Authority, 510 W. 29th St., and starts at 7:30. It costs a buck to get in, and -- this being Austin -- there will also be music.

Just after I finished my 50th short-short for my year-long Flash Fiction Project on Book View Cafe -- links to all the stories here -- I saw the notice for this contest. And even though I'd sworn that I was taking a break from writing short, I couldn't resist. After all, when you've spent a year coming up with a weekly flash fiction, you start to think of that task as something you do, and do well.

So I entered, and I won, along with four other Austin-area writers: CJ Hallman, Jack Boettcher, Tyler Stoddard Smith, and Jimmy Dawson. We're all reading, and there will be music by The Baker Family Band, Morris Orchids, Cartographers, and Bethany Bauman.

If you are in or near Austin this Friday, come by and check us out.

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