Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Still in Madison

I'm still in Madison because Delta canceled our flights out. We got a voice mail from them telling us so just minutes after I finished packing my suitcase. Tom was able to find a seat available on a flight to Memphis and a flight from Memphis to Seattle. He's desperate to get back to teach because this is the last week of classes at the University of Washington, and sending a substitute in at this point would do a real disservice to his students. There was nothing else for me to do but take the flights they re-booked me for tomorrow. (Delta wouldn't promise to pay for my additional night in a hotel-- they said that would be up to the agents at the airport to decide.) I might add that this is in addition to Delta charging me $25 to check my small suitcase through to Madison and then losing it. (Fortunately, they found it, or I'd really be in a fix.)

Oh, and I've also lost my reading glasses. I went to the restaurant that was the place where I last remember using them, but without result. I'm still hoping that I somehow packed them without realizing it.

I did, though, get a full night's sleep (interrupted by Tom's getting up to leave at 4:30 a.m.), which felt like a great luxury. But I still seem to be not quite all there. Since I had the time, I made another visit to Room of One's Own, having calculated that two additional books wouldn't be hard to manage in my suitcase. (But did I buy only two? Of course not!) Proof of the fuzziness in my brain: Victor Raymond came up to the cash desk as I was leaving, and I called him "Raymond." As I was pulling open the bell-jingling door and stepping out into the brilliant noon heat, I thought: that doesn't sound right, Timmi. But I went on to reflect that Ray didn't sound right, either. And then, as I was standing on the corner, trying to decide whether to walk against the red light, I realized: It's Victor! Timmi, you idiot! He's probably wondering what the significance of my calling him by his last name, might be.

There's much to report about WisCon. I hope to begin doing that later today. But I'll just mention, now, next year's Guests of Honor: Nisi Shawl and Elizabeth Moon.

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