Friday, March 12, 2010


Have you watched Marion Cotillard's "Forehead Tittaes" yet? It's her answer to sexual objectification. You can see it here. It's for those special situations in which a well-placed knee just will not do.


Athena Andreadis said...

I wasn's sure whether to laugh or cry. It's a terrific video. But it's disheartening to contemplate that le plus ça change, le plus ç'est la même chose.

Josh said...

Athena, If you're grieved by that aspect of workplace sexism, get a load of this. I guess one can't expect better from a Neanderthal like Tony Judt, but the blogger should have been more thoughtful.

Athena Andreadis said...

Thank you for the link, Josh! Yes, very disheartening. Here are my field reports from self-labeled progressive communities, if you're curious:

Girl Cooties Menace the Singularity!

Is It Something in the Water? Or: Me Tarzan, You Ape

Storytelling, Empathy and the Whiny Solipsist’s Disingenuous Angst

Josh said...

Yes, Athena, I'd read 'em. Thanks for reminding me, however; they're certainly relevant to the Judt who likes to complain that Undergraduates today can select from a swathe of identity studies: “gender studies,” “women’s studies,” “Asian-Pacific-American studies,” and dozens of others. The shortcoming of all these para-academic programs is not that they concentrate on a given ethnic or geographical minority; it is that they encourage members of that minority to study themselves—thereby simultaneously negating the goals of a liberal education and reinforcing the sectarian and ghetto mentalities they purport to undermine . . . This warm bath of identity was always alien to me. and who "criticizes the narcissistic left of the 1960s, which was largely uninterested in social justice." All very unfortunate, as he is very probably benefiting at this time in his life from resources that exist thanks to the "identity politics" of the disability movement.