Monday, September 7, 2009

Reviews of Interest

*Graham Sleight reviews Mike Ashley's controversial Mammoth Book of Mindblowing Science Fiction for Strange Horizons-- and finds it wanting.

*Jonathan Strahan characterizes What Remains as "awesome" and Ellen Klages's "Echoes of Aurora" as one of his favorite stories of the year.

*Tangent Online has a review by Steven Fahnestalk of The Buonarotti Quartet (Conversation Pieces #25) by Gwyneth Jones.

*Ian Sales has been reading The Buonarotti Quartet, too, as well as De Secretis Mulierum (Conversation Pieces #23). You can see what he as to say about them here.


Jonathan Strahan said...

I loved the chapbook. The Klages story - one of three she has out this year - is just lovely. I also loved Geoff's stories. A fine book and well worth having.

Anonymous said...

In case you missed it, the Summer (print) version of Rain Taxi had a positive and thoughtful joint review of Cheek by Jowl and Sylvia Kelso's book on Le Guin.

I just finished reading the Year's Best SF 14 anthology edited by Hartwell and Cramer, and was pleased to find rocking stories by Carolyn Ives Gilman, Vandana Singh, Ann Halam / Gwyneth Jones (plus lots of other good 'uns).

-Carrie D.