Sunday, April 12, 2009's new campaign against gblt books

Reports are flooding the blogosphere: has defined gblt books as "adult" and is disappearing their sales rankings in order to exclude them from searches as well as their best-seller lists.

I note that at least one of Aqueduct's books is getting this treatment. (I haven't had time to check out the 30-plus pages for all our books yet.) & I also see that some of Nicola Griffith's books are, too. Apparently a wide swathe of romances are getting the treatment, as well as YA books.

So nice to hear that the Obamas invited gay families to the annual Easter event at the White House. It makes an iteresting contrast to Amazon's behavior.

ETA: Want to complain? Here's the contact info you need:

Jeffrey Bezos,
1200 12th Avenue South
Seattle, Washington 98144-2734
United States
Phone: 206-266-1000
Fax: 206-622-2405


Rebecca said...

They finally admitted that I wrote Centuries Ago and Very Fast as well as the other books from Tor and Harper-Collins, but the ranking is still missing and searching for the title without specifying books still fails to bring it up and it's still not got a sales rank.

Cat Rambo said...

I've emailed to say I won't be ordering from them again unless this changes. Thank you for posting this.