Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Eleanor Arnason's Big Mama Stories

Don't we just really need more tricksters in our lives? For that reason and more, I'm pleased to announce Aqueduct Press's publication of a new collection of stories from Eleanor Arnason, Big Mama Stories, five edgy, satirical tales of wily tricksters for the 21st century. In “Big Green Mama Falls in Love,” Big Green Mama duplicates herself and discovers just how life-threatening a Big-Mama-sized case of love can be while the skwork learn that one cannot train a microbe to be patriotic. In “Big Red Mama in Time and Morris, Minnesota,” Big Red Mama gets pissed-off when she discovers the Cretaceous has been invaded by an obnoxious human who has stolen a time-machine—and decides that some information probably shouldn’t be free, particularly since as a group, humans underestimated the damage they did and rarely took responsibility for anything. On the basis of these stories, the one thing you can say for sure is that Big Mamas' lives are never dull.

We launched this book at WisCon, where Eleanor read the opening of one of these tall tales. And now it's available through Aqueduct's site in both trade paper and e-book editions. In a couple of weeks it will be available elsewhere. I promise you, Eleanor's at her wittiest in these tales.

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