Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Twenty-Five Commemorations of Joanna Russ

. . . just to have the best in one place.

Matt Cheney's is the one that comes closest to expressing my own feelings. Here's what he wrote on the subject just before and after that fine obit.

wordweaverlynn on being saved by Russ.

Cramer on being Russ's student.

Christopher Priest at The Guardian, doing a better job than

Margalit Fox's NYT piece.

Annalee Newitz's appreciation.

The Nielsen Haydens commemorate, reminisce, and find an old photo.

Professor Burt, because he's writing for the Beacon Press site, has to emphasize The Female Man; but he has things to say about the importance of Russ's other work.

Rose Fox is at a loss for words, but manages to come up with a few moving ones nonetheless.

What Arthur Hlavaty is grateful for.

Metafilter has a good entry and a good discussion thread.

Michael Swanwick on the effect of her presence in the SF field.

Nic Clarke on "her eloquent anger."

Liz Henry on why How to Suppress Women's Writing rocked her world.

John H. Stevens on the standards, tools, and possibilities Russ's work opened his eyes to.

Stephen B of Bad Reputation explains the power of Russ's work and then muses on transphobia in The Female Man; Cheryl Morgan and her commenters also think about that issue.

If you are unmoved by Timmi Duchamp's memorial, check to see whether there is something wrong with you.

Laughingrat recalls a HtSWW moment in the library.

The ever-provocative Paul Kincaid thinks about what we need to see addressed further in Russ criticism.

Debbie Notkin on first looking into The Female Man.

Aqueductistas Nancy Jane Moore and Sue Lange explain how the caliber of Russ's prose makes all the difference.

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