Monday, May 2, 2011

Anne Sheldon's The Bone Spindle

I'm pleased to announce that Aqueduct Press is releasing Anne Sheldon's second book with us, The Bone Spindle: Poems and Short Fiction as the thirtieth volume in our Conversation Pieces Series. I suspect that those of you who are into weaving and spinning will be particularly interested in the book's illustrations.

Anne Sheldon's heroines have lowered eyes and seditious smiles. They are people of folklore and fairy tales: Penelope, the Crane Maiden, the Fates. Her heroes are outsiders in their own stories—rumplestiltskin and Arachne's father.

These fourteen story-poems and stories focus on the work that women do with spinning wheel, spindle, and knitting needles. They are accompanied by evocative images of these instruments and the cloth they yield

In addition to reworking well-known fairy tales, she has several shining tales of her own making. Under the fluid sign of danger and domesticity—Anne Sheldon explores earthly and ethereal regions of the feminine.

The Bone Spindle is now available through our website for $9, here. And she will be reading some of these delicious tales for us at WisCon.


Sheree Renée Thomas said...

Ahh, this looks and sounds wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Is this downloadable in a digital format? Through Kindle or ibooks or amazon? Ohhhh, I hope so!

Cat Rambo said...

Ditto in hoping that an electronic version is coming. :)

Timmi Duchamp said...

An electronic version is indeed coming. We're planning to get the e-book out this summer.