Friday, May 13, 2011

Lost Posts and Comments

Yesterday Blogger disappeared the two most recent posts on this blog and the comments to those posts.Unlike with my website, I don't keep a mirror copy of this blog  on my hard drive. I can't get the comments back, but I have a plan for recapturing the posts themselves. We'll see.

A little reminder, for those who love the idea of "cloud" technology, of what the costs of that are likely to be.


Porky said...

Fear not - we are supposed to see the missing posts and comments restored at some point. A tense time it's been!

Of course, a look around at the options and a plan B never hurts.

Timmi Duchamp said...

Thanks, Porky-- that's good to hear! One good sign: I notice that my name is now correctly showing as "Timmi Duchamp" rather than "Ltimmel," which I began to see yesterday, just before I discovered I'd lost access to the dashboard.

Nancy Jane Moore said...

I noticed Blogger was down yesterday, so I assumed there was a crash of some kind. From Porky's comment, I gather this blog wasn't the only one affected.

Yes, the trouble with high tech is that it comes with new ways of losing things -- as if we didn't have enough of those already! And that's just the unintentional losses. On purpose removal is whole other ball of wax.