Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Night

As I type, I'm listening to Democracy Now!-- they're doing a five-hour special tonight. Howard Zinn and Mark Crispin Miller were just on. The polls haven't yet closed here on the West Coast, but good news is trickling in. South Dakota defeated the horrible abortion ban. Iowa and Colorado have gone to Obama. John Murtha has won in Pennsylvania. Massuchettes has decriminalized marijuana. And Amy Goodman says that a million people are in Grant Park in Chicago tonight.

I'm very excited.

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Josh said...

Colorado also defeated the horrible abortion ban. And the horrible Marilyn Musgrave. OH and VA, called for BHO. Republican wins in NE and GA should not be taken to reflect on those states' populations, as they're notorious for voting machine fraud. Liddy Dole, Chris Shays, and John Sununununununu have gone down. The Nation has replaced Alex Cockburn with Avedon Carol. Ice cream has been discovered to increase longevity. George Soros has offered a grant to keep the minnesota review alive. All of Philip Roth's novels have gone out of print. Scooter Libby has written a tell-all memoir, revealing that Alberto Gonzales is a Muppet. It's all good!