Saturday, May 24, 2008

More WisCon

I'd hoped to be posting more than this, but I've been a little busy, and before breakfast this morning I couldn't get a connection in my room.

Remember my mentioning participating in a Wisconsin Public Radio program on feminist science fiction on Thursday? WisCon's blog, A Momentary Taste of WisCon, has posted a link to the audio file.

The photo to the left, by the way, is from the Opening Ceremonies. (You can check out coverage of that event at the Feminist SF Blog.)

I'd write more, but I have three conversations going here at once, and I'm not so hot at multi-tasking. But I hope to report in later, with more photos.


Nancy Jane Moore said...

Timmi, I'm so amazed you posted at all! It's been all I could do to check my email and the occasional headline.
But for those who weren't there: Timmi gave an awesome guest of honor speech Sunday night, one that took note of our history and left us inspired to keep on working.

Josh said...

That is a killer photo, Timmi; it should totally go into your Press Kit or Official Author Photo file or whatever.

Timmi Duchamp said...

I should have mentioned it in the post: Kath Wilham took that photo. It's always bemusing to see nonposed photos of myself. Is this what I really look like? I always wonder.