Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More Stuff--Both WisCon- and Non-WisCon-Related

First, the non-WisCon stuff:

Terri Windling reviews Theodora Goss's Voices from Fairyland.

Cheryl Morgan confronts the loaded question "What Should Have Won the Tiptree?" that David Moles put to her.

Many WisCon reports, panel notes/comments and transcripts, and even short videos are emerging. Here are some that have caught my eye:

A brief video snippet of a discussion that continued after the official end of the panel on the Marq'ssan Cycle (which unfortunately appears sideways on my computer screen).

Badgerbag has posted her transcript of the Marq'ssan Cycle panel. (I have a tape of it, but I haven't yet listened to it to check its audio quality. If it's decent, I'll make it available.)

And badgerbag has a couple of posts on troll Rachel M. that made me flash back 25 years to Mary Daly's writings.

Badgerbag also has a transcript of the "Elves and Dwarves" panel and some video'd reactions in the hall afterward.

And again-- badgerbag has a post/partial transcript of the "It's Not About Identity Panel." (Seems likely, doesn't it, that she'll be putting other goodies up soon, too...)

Coffeeandink has posted panel notes for "Can Internet Drama Change the World?"

Coffeeandink has posted a few thoughts that occurred to her while reading Volume 2 of The WisCon Chronicles.

Oracne has a post about the "Politics of Narrative" panel.

Susan Palwick has also posted on the "Politics of Narrative" panel plus other stuff on WisCon.

Scusteister has a post about the "Women in Hard SF" panel.

Megan McCarron reflects on community at WisCon.

Maddie Greene has a couple of posts on WisCon on the Madison collaborative blog, Dane 101: WisCon 2008, Day One and WisCon 2008, Day Two.

There's actually much, much more. I'll see what I can do about posting more links to WisCon reports soon. And if I can just manage to begin processing the weekend, I'll try to write up a few things myself. And that photo below? It's from WisCon-- just one of those moments (of which there were many this year).

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Josh said...

For readers unfamiliar with her, the woman Timmi looks as though she's about to clutch is the brilliant Kelly Link.