Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Celebrating Carol Emshwiller

A sign of just how overloaded at WisCon I was: I left behind a pair of jeans and several tee-shirts in a drawer of my hotel room (and now find myself, in Minneapolis, with few dress options). I just discovered this a few minutes ago, and am somewhat appalled. I've never done such a thing before. (I also lost my nanopod somewhere on the road between Minneapolis and Madison, last Thursday afternoon.) Mind you, I was the kind of kid who could lose mittens attached by clips to her coat sleeves. But really, I had gotten a lot better as an adult...

I'm anticipating a lot of posts in the wake of WisCon from other members of this blog. I myself have a slew of things I want to mention, some of them a few days old. I'll probably put them up a piecemeal. The first I want to mention is that it's Carol Emshwiller week at Strange Horizons. The timing of this, for me, is really lovely. WisCon featured a panel and a set of readings celebrating Carol's work (see the previous post, for Josh's photos of them); I had the pleasure of participating in the panel, as well as a breakfast with the other panelists-- Carol herself, Eileen Gunn, Karen Joy Fowler, and Pat Murphy--which primed the pump of our discussion, rather than rehearsing it. And as we've done for the last few years, Carol, Andrea Hairston, and I sat together at the Sign-Out, chatting and laughing and loving it all.

What you will find at Strange Horizons this week:

"Perfectly Herself: A discussion of the work of Carol Emshwiller" by Ursula K. Le Guin, Helen Merrick, Pat Murphy, and Gary K. Wolfe

"The Emshwillerians" by Karen Joy Fowler

"Introduction to 'After All'" by Gavin Grant

"After All" by Carol Emshwiller

L. Timmel Duchamp: The Collected Stories of Carol Emshwiller, Vol. 1

Paul Kincaid: Carmen Dog by Carol Emshwiller

Maureen Kincaid Speller: Ledoyt and Leaping Man Hill

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