Monday, January 31, 2011

Kristin Livdahl's A Brood of Foxes

Aqueduct Press is pleased to announce the publication of A Brood of Foxes: A Novella by Kristin Livdahl as Volume 29 in the Conversation Pieces Series.

Uncanny, sweet, and shot through with fairytale weirdness, A Brood of Foxes takes Joey Napoleon into a world as bizarre as anyone’s first adulthood—with a few differences. Set in a place where time has its own logic, human and animal is a shifting perspective, and the people we love are always slightly other—and better—than we imagined, A Brood of Foxes faces us with the moral dimensions of environmental disasters—in a troublingly literal way.

You can purchase A Brood of Foxes now through Aqueduct Press's website.


X. Trapnel said...

I thought I remembered you addressing this earlier, but I can't find any posts--are you considering releasing the Conversation Pieces as ebooks? (Amazon, for example, seems to be using their Singles category to explore the short-book-as-low-pricepoint-ebook idea.) Anyway, looks neat!

Timmi Duchamp said...

So far we have two CP volumes available in e-book editions: Rachel Swirsky's Through the Drowsy Dark & Claire Light's Slightly Behind and to the Left. They're available through our site, through, and through Wizard's Tower Bookstore. Our set price for CP e-books is $5.95. We're currently working on e-book editions of several other volumes; in fact,, we expect to be releasing Nicola Griffith's With Her Body, Vandana Singh's Distances, and L. Timmel Duchamp's The Red Rose Rages (Bleeding) in the next week or two.

It is probably not likely that all of the CP volumes will have e-book editions because Aqueduct only recently began acquiring digital rights along with print rights for these volumes & at least two authors have chosen to go the self-publishing route with e-book editions of their novellas. Also, for a few volumes, there are formatting issues that can't be resolved for kindle readers in their current manifestation. (If Amazon later decides to accommodate book design, those issues will go away.)

I'll make a post about the new e-book editions of CP volumes when we release the next batch.

Rachel Swirsky said...

FWIW, I would love to see more CPs as e-books. I really am enjoying the ease of acquiring and storing ebooks.