Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What Aqueductians Party Like

Yes, yes, we party like it's 2199. From the Opening Ceremony, above are the Carl Brandon Society singers honoring Timmi, as recounted here. Aqueductians represented include Eileen Gunn, Nisi Shawl, and Liz Henry (question for readers: are Liz Henry's superpowers innate or technologically-based? That is to say, has anyone ever seen her typing at superhuman speed without those fingerless gloves?).

Sunday evening's Aqueduct party included the conversations among Eleanor, Nisi, and others that I've shown pictures of below. I also got a photo of Jeanne Gomoll for my Feminist Icons collection. Again, note Liz's gloves and wonder.

Nancy and Andrea win the Colorful Clothing Award for the South Central and New England divisions, respectively. When questions are raised about whether Andrea's Pittsburgh origins disqualify her for the New England category, the judges award her the Rust Belt division as well.

Tom Duchamp, uncertain of his photographic competence, took three pictures of the same scene: two of them came out nicely. Behind me is Anne Sheldon; to her left is Andrea's friend Pan. On the lower right in the second is Therese P.

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David M. Westphal said...


It looks like you got invited to the slumber party!!

Thanks - I loved the pictures. Good to see old friends.