Thursday, May 22, 2008

Aqueduct begins to arrive at WisCon

In the photo to the left, I'm meeting Joan Haran in the lobby of the Concourse today at noon. Last night at midnight, Tom & I flew in to the airport at Madison, where we were met by Kafryn L., driven to the Concourse, and were regaled with chocolate. Despite the comfortable bed, sleep was elusive (as you can probably tell from the photo). Too much excitement, I guess, besides crossing two time zones. This afternoon, Eileen Gunn & Lettie Prell appeared on a Wisconsin Public Radio show, Hear on This Earth, to talk about WisCon; I joined the show for the last few minutes and talked briefly about Gwyneth Jones's Life and Vandana Singh's Of Love and Other Monsters.

But of course everything's moving right along, regardless of my feeling like a zombie. The reception at Room of One's Own will begin at six-- and then I'll get to see more of the people I come to WisCon to see. I'm planning, by the way, to read a section from Alanya to Alanya (naturally something I haven't read in public before: I am still holding to my vow not to read the same piece ot text in a public reading more than once).

More later, I hope...

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