Monday, January 15, 2024

Tales from Mnemosyne by Dennis Danvers





I'm pleased to announce the release of Tales from Mnemosyne by Dennis Danvers as volume 90 in Aqueduct's Conversation Pieces series in both print and e-book editions. You can purchase it now at


Tales from Mnemosyne retells Classical myths, largely known from Ovid, in the voice and tradition of an Appalachian storyteller, in this case, the goddess Mnemosyne. As the goddess of Memory and mother of The Muses, she is uniquely qualified to set the record straight—to tell the true stories without the usual patriarchal propaganda, all the while keeping things fun and only slightly blasphemous. Mnemosyne as a timeless goddess knows now and then backwards and forwards and has as much to say about the here and now as way back when. These fourteen tales include the most famous—Daphne and Apollo, Europa and Jove, the Birth of Athena, Cupid and Psyche—along with some too-often-forgotten ones, such as Tiresias and his daughter Manto, and Oenone, the abandoned wife of Paris. Charon, appropriately, concludes the proceedings.  


Advance Praise for Tales from Mnemosyne

This cool little book came in the mail yesterday, from Aqueduct’s Conversation Pieces imprint. It’s by the author, Dennis Danvers. Tales From Mnemosyne. These stories were originally told by Ovid but here they are told with the local trappings and voice of an Appalachian story teller. I heard him read one of these at World Fantasy — what a unique and effective blend of influences. Check it out.—Jeff Ford, author of The Drowned Life and Pretty Good Neighbor      


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