Monday, April 20, 2015

Stories for Chip

An indiegogo campaign to support Stories for Chip: A Tribute to Samuel R. Delany begins today. Just to give you an idea of how fabulous (perhaps even kick-ass) this anthology is, I'll post the table of contents below. I'll also note that the editors are Nisi Shawl and Bill Campbell, and that several other Aqueductistas either have pieces in the book or are  providing special perks to donors. Go here to get all the details:

Introduction by Kim Stanley Robinson
Eileen Gunn   Michael Swanwick and Samuel R. Delany at the Joyce Kilmer Service Area, March 2005
Nick Harkaway  Billy Tumult
devorah major   Voice Prints
Isiah Lavender, III   Daily Encounters: Or, Another Reason Why I Study Race and Racism in Science Fiction
Anil Menon   Clarity
Ellen Kushner   When Two Swordsmen Meet
Chesya Burke  For Sale: Fantasy Coffin (Ababuo Need Not Apply)
Haralambi Markov   Holding Hands with Monsters
Carmelo Rafala   Song for the Asking
Kit Reed   Kickenders
Walidah Imarisha   Walking Science Fiction: Samuel Delany and Visionary Fiction
Alex Jennings   Heart of Brass
Claude Lalumière   Empathy Evolving as a Quantum of Eight-Dimensional Perception
Jewelle Gomez   Be Three
Ernest Hogan   Guerrilla Mural of a Siren's Song
Hal Duncan   An Idyll in Erewhyna
L. Timmel Duchamp   Real Mothers, a Faggot Uncle, and the Name of the Father: Samuel R. Delany's Feminist Revisions of the Story of SF
Junot Díaz   Nilda
Benjamin Rosenbaum   The First Gate of Logic
Thomas M. Disch   The Master of the Milford Altarpiece
Sheree Renée Thomas   River Clap Your Hands
Roz Clarke   Haunt-type Experience
Fábio Fernandes   Eleven Stations
Kai Ashante Wilson   "Legendaire"
Michael Swanwick   On My First Reading of The Einstein Intersection
Kathryn Cramer   Characters in the Margins of a Lost Notebook
Vincent Czyz   Hamlet's Ghost Sighted in Frontenac, KS
Tenea D. Johnson   Each Star a Sun to Invisible Planets
Alex Smith   Clones
Geetanjali Dighe   The Last Dying Man
Geoff Ryman   Capitalism in the 22nd Century
Nalo Hopkinson & Nisi Shawl   Jamaica Ginger
Chris Brown  Festival

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