Monday, April 6, 2015

Lisa Shapter's A Day in Deep Freeze

I'm pleased to announce the release of a new volume in Aqueduct Press's Conversation Pieces series, A Day in Deep Freeze, a novella by Lisa Shapter, in both small trade paperback and e-book editions. The story takes place in an alternate 1963, in which. Emran Greene is a successful corporate accountant, a hopeful soon-to-be-father, and an unremarkable husband--except, that is, for the lingering effects of an experimental wartime truth serum, his ex-boyfriend, the impossibility of his conceiving a child, and all of the other secrets he keeps from his wife and his employer. One of these, the secret of the lonely grave he visits regularly in Riverport's Castleview Cemetery, holds a tragedy that just won't stay gone...

You can purchase the book in print and e-book editions now through Aqueduct's website. It will be available soon through other venues.

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