Saturday, August 9, 2014

CFS for a Diverse Weird Western anthology

I've just received this from Cynthia Ward:

Open Call for Submissions (OPENS 12/1/2014)

Here are the guidelines for a Diverse Weird Western anthology (title to be announced), to be published by WolfSinger Publications ( and edited by Cynthia Ward ( Ah, the "Western frontier"! I learned all about it as a child. I learned it was full of brave white American pioneer men killing the native inhabitants, who didn't realize the land they'd occupied for millennia belonged to the newcomers. I learned it was full of heroic white American gunmen shooting each other in high noon standoffs or over cattle. Those few characters who didn't fit the above templates were generally helpless Mexican peasants; treacherous Mexican bandits; or the occasional rancher's wife, school marm, or prostitute. Omitted from the history lessons and the movies and TV shows were--the whole wide world. For this anthology, we’re looking for stories about everyone else. We're looking for stories which reflect the complex historical realities and diversities of the North American "Western frontier."

We're looking for stories about marginalized and under-represented groups.

The Nitty Gritty:

-- Payment is $5/story plus a share of royalties.
--We are opening for submissions on December 1, 2014, with a deadline of December 31, 2014. --Submissions sent outside this window will be returned unread. DO NOT SUBMIT AT THIS TIME.
--We're looking for Diverse Weird Western fiction of between 500 words and 10,000 words (we're somewhat flexible, but the anthology will be 85,000 words max, so don't go significantly longer than 10,000 words).
--Original fiction and reprints are both acceptable. Let us know if your submission is a reprint and from where. Be SURE you have the rights to reprint – we won’t chase down permissions.

Full guidelines and submission instructions can be found at:

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