Monday, March 24, 2014

2013 Galactic Suburbia Award

Galactic Suburbia's Alex, Alisa, and Tansy have announced the 2013 Galactic Suburbia award for activism and/or communication that advances the feminist conversation in the field of speculative fiction! Here's the list:

Honor List

Malinda Lo's continuing statistics gathering on LGBT YA books 
  Foz Meadows for her blogging generally, but particularly "Old Men Yelling at Clouds." 
  Anita Sarkeesian - Tropes vs Women in Video Games (Damsel in Distress 1 & 2, Ms Male Character) 
  The Doubleclicks - Nothing to Prove music video 
  Cheryl Morgan - The Rise & Fall of Grimpink 
  Deb Stanish for her essay in Apex magazine: "Fangirl isn't a Dirty Word." 

Honorary shortlistee (the Julia Gillard Award):

  Wendy Davis for her amazing filibuster

Joint Winners this Year!!! (drum roll please) 

  NK Jemisin for her GoH speech from Continuum (link
  Elise Matthesen for her essay "How to Report Sexual Harassment at cons" (link

But do go listen to the podcast, which announces and discusses the winners and honor list, here.

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