Thursday, April 25, 2013

Stuff of interest

First off, congratulations to Nicola Griffith! The Lambda Literary Foundation has announced that she is one of two writers being awarded the 2013 James Duggins Outstanding Mid-Career Novelist Prize. The judges commented: "Trebor Healey and Nicola Griffith are both writers who are unafraid to take risks in their writing, stretching the strictures of genre to ask bigger questions. They use the lens of their LGBT experience as a prism through which universal themes of love, society, and the meaning of life are refracted, disassembled and reassembled in ways that are at once challenging and rewarding to the reader. Their work deepens and enriches the tapestry of LGBT literature: worthy of a place in the modern canon of English literature while expanding the notions of what LGBT literature can be."

Also of interest:

--Over at Strange Horizons, Niall Harrison has produced his annual gender statistics fest for reviewing in the sf/f field. I'm sorry to say his results are pretty much what they were last year. Do check them out here.

--Ethan Robinson productively continues the conversation on Kim Stanley Robinson's 2312 with his thoughtful post, Proust on Mercury and other issues in coming to terms with 2312.

 --The Digital Public Library of America launched last week. Among other things, the site offers its Digital Library Digest, which collects annotated links to news about digital issues as well as about public libraries. The Digest for April 25, 2013, for instance, links to five items, including an announcement from the House Judiciary Panel that they'll be starting "a comprehensive review of copyright law" and an article on Simon & Schuster's pilot library ebook project. The DPLA has an interesting (to me) web address:

--Over at The Guardian, Alison Flood discusses digital matters of concern for readers, authors, and publishers: Ebook anxieties increase as publishing revolution rolls on.

--And finally, also over at Strange Horizons this week, Julia Rios interviews Rose Lemberg in Noticing Language.


CJDevall said...

Re: submissions and reviewing
It can be done thru scientific methods, observing and accounting for gendered human rat race/maze behavior. Interesting data even if not SFF, or rocket science:

Timmi Duchamp said...

Thanks for the links, Carrie. The Tin House & Granta examples are heartening.