Monday, August 29, 2011

Reading for a Monday

It's Pat Cadigan Week at Strange Horizons, featuring an article on Cadigan's work by Tanya Brown, a reprint of Cadigan's "Home by the Sea" with an introduction by Tricia Sullivan, a review of Cadigan's most recent novel, and an essay by Matt Cheney on Cadigan's short fiction. I know may of this blog's readers will want to check it out.

Strange Horizons is, by the way, kicking off its fund-raising drive this week. They've posted the first batch of prizes for their drawings, which will include several books from Aqueduct Press. I'm not only a great fan of Strange Horizons, but a frequent contributor. The content is free to its readers, though the magazine in fact pays its contributors. I don't have to tell you what that means.

Over at the Los Angeles Review of Books, Brooks Landon offers a lengthy review of Karen Joy Fowler's short fiction in general, and  What I Didn't See in particular. I especially like his conclusion:
Fully engaging characters in their own right, people we think we know and instinctively like, Fowler’s narrators also help account for the sense one gets, from reading her, that one is in a conversation with the author herself, as she looks over her own shoulder and offers a running commentary on the very story she is writing. What results is an unusual feeling of authorial intimacy and wit, an act of friendship from a remarkable writer to her readers.

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