Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh Grant Morrison no (fourth in a series of disillusionments)

Grant Morrison, a lifelong Leftist who's written some awesome heroines, responds to outrage over the elimination of most of DC's female writers and artists by cracking wise about putting on a dress. The experiences of the woman who asked the question says something sad about group dynamics at the comic con she attended (via Cheryl Morgan, who notes that Paul Cornell was the only man present who seemed to take the question of underrepresented women seriously).

[ETA: I mean, look at this chap. He sometimes thinks about these issues: he's capable of criticizing the ubiquity of "rape-as-plot-device" and even saying explicitly that "the sexism in DC because it's mostly men who work in these places." But when faced by a question at the comic con, he just goes along with the crowd and doesn't say anything that would contradict the attitude projected by his bosses. Which I imagine a writer of his stature could safely do.]

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Josh said...

I worry that the most recent feminist Morrison has researched is, uh, not very recent.