Monday, July 18, 2011

L. Timmel Duchamp reads Tuesday at University Bookstore in Seattle

For all of you in the Seattle area: I'll be appearing in the Clarion West Reading series Tuesday night, at 7 pm at the University Bookstore in Seattle. I'll read briefly from a story in Never at Home, and then do a Q&A and signing. I believe that all my books will be available for purchase at the event. (I know, yeah, that my books are not easy to find offline.) The event will be one hour long, since the bookstore closes at 8. Hope to see some of you there!

My first night of sleep here at Clarion West was patchy. I went to bed at one and got up at 6:30, which would have been great if I hadn't been awake most of that time. After I did manage to fall asleep, I was rudely awakened at 5:45 by a house alarm going off nearby. Was I dreaming, or was the alarm programmed to make a beeping whose pitch and tempo increased over time? Who can say? I can easily imagine someone designing such an alarm. And yet, it seems unlikely, doesn't it? And since it woke me up from a dream, I might easily have dropped into a hypnogogic half-waking, half-dreaming state. (I certainly wouldn't put it past my unconscious to invent such an alarm!)

And now it's back to critiques. I'm hoping I can sleep a bit later tomorrow morning, which I can't do if I spend any significant time online.

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