Thursday, July 7, 2011

Have you impressed yourself lately?

Oh, the many posts I would have made this week, if only I weren't being slammed by a virulent bug. My voice, today, is about two octaves lower than usual. And I've discovered that Hall's cough drops are now wrapped in slogans. (Or are they merely cliches?) "Push On!" "Inspire envy." "Conquer today." "Fire up those engines!" "You've survived tougher." Seize the day. "Impress yourself today." "The show must go on. Or Work." (Anyone know what that one means?) "Flex your 'can do' muscle." "Bet on yourself." "Put your game face on." "Let's hear your battle cry." "Tough is your middle name." 

Perhaps they think these slogans are a cure for the common cold? Am I missing something? But I guess my biggest question is how they decide whether to use exclamation points or periods.


Nancy Jane Moore said...

They're supposed to inspire you to get up out of bed and go do something even though you feel like hell. That's one of our cultural imperatives, after all: You're supposed to work even when you're sick. That's true even though we all know that people cannot do their best work when sick and furthermore that they should stay home so they don't spread the virus around.

I think those wrappers should say "Take care of yourself;" "Rest until you're better;" "The work will keep;" "The world can run without you for a couple of days."

Nancy Jane Moore said...

BTW, Timmi: Take care of yourself!