Monday, February 7, 2011

Stuff of Interest

--Abigail Nussbaum reviews work by Joanna Russ, Gwyneth Jones, and Mary Gentle.

--Adrienne Maree Brown and Dani McClain, at Alternet, raise the question, Corporations Ain't People, So Why Do They Have the Power of Citizens? and then call on Octavia Butler's work in their discussion of the issue.

--Mozn Hassan, director of Nazra for Feminist Studies, interviews Ma Ma Cash about the protests in Egypt. (Link thanks to the F-Word Blog)

--Girls on Film takes scenes between men in mainstream movies and replays them with women playing the parts verbatim as written for men. A video at their site shows a scene from the latest Star Trek movie. (Link thanks to the F-Word Blog)

--Pan Morrigan's "Roadmap" gives the details of Andrea Hairston's tour promoting Redwood and Wildfire, her brilliant new novel, which Aqueduct Press will be releasing on February 28. The tour dates include include both textual readings and Chrysalis Theatre productions performing scenes and songs from the novel. I expect this will be exciting, stimulating entertainment.

--Andrea Hairston talks on You Tube about how she came to write Redwood and Wildfire.

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