Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gracias a la Vida

Hey, I'm making the 1000th post on Ambling along the Aqueduct. Where's my prize?

The post is basically a link roundup, or maybe the first of several link roundsup, if other blog contributors post their own, about The Vida Statistics, which have generated a discussion in the press and blogosphere more or less analogous to conversations that the SFF world went through a couple of years ago. And a couple of years before that, usw. Turns out that the mundanes are even worse at publishing and reviewing literature by women than F&SF. Comments from bitchmedia, Women and Hollywood, Slate, more Slate, etlTNR, Jezebel, Hairpin, Percival Everett, and Bookslut, where they're having a dialogue. Somehow the "but the women don't submit enough: what can we do?" argument reminds me of a stanza from a Fred Small song:
Well, she talked to the manager when we were through
She says "There're some things you could do
To make it easier for folks in wheelchairs."
He says "Oh, it's not necessary.
Handicapped never come here anyway."


Nancy Jane Moore said...

I had a few words on this subject myself.

Nancy Jane Moore said...

I just read the Percival Everett essay you linked to and had to go back and add it to my own post. That's perhaps the best words I've seen on this subject. I knew he wrote great fiction, but this essay is as good as his stories.