Friday, October 23, 2009

Claire Light interviewed

Rick Kleffel has a podcast of his interview of Aqueductista Claire Light at The Agony Column, made on October 10, 2009 at SF in SF Litquake. This is his teaser:
"The way that writers of color use science fiction is very different..."
— Claire Light

Kleffel also offers podcasts of a panel at Litquake as well as interviews of the other panelists:
Looking for a science fiction convention that meets once monthly and offers just one reading, one panel, comfortable seating and a bar? I can't imagine anything more ideal, really, none of the usual running about from one back-killing chair to another. But that's SF in SF, even when it’s also part of Litquake.

The panel on Saturday, October 10, 2009, was no exception, except that there were three authors rather than the usual two. Jewell Gomez, Marta Acosta, and Claire Light moderated by Terry Bisson proved to be as entertaining as you might expect, offering a variety of opinions and experiences with regards to the topic of "Color Me SF: The Science Fiction Worlds of Octavia Butler and Carl Brandon." We got the lowdown on Carl Brandon, the challenges faced by people of color writing speculative fiction — SF, horror and fantasy — and lots of fascinating anecdotes about Octavia Butler.

Claire's Slightly Behind and to the Left: Four Stories and Three Drabbles, Vol. 26 in the Conversation Pieces series, will be out from Aqueduct in December.

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