Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Stuff of Interest

Nic Clarke reviews Lesley A. Hall's Naomi Mitchison: A Profile of the Life and Work, as well as Mitchison's f/sf novels-- Memoirs of a Spacewoman, Travel Light, and Not By Bread Alone-- at Strange Horizons. Clarke writes:

Hall's study is illuminating and very readable, a welcome guide to both the life and the books. It's perhaps unlikely that a single small press volume could be the trigger for renewed attention to Mitchison's work; but such attention, from both readers and critics, is richly deserved. Re-reading her work now, Mitchison's interest in the many possibilities of what women could become, and of how they might achieve this potential, remains compelling.

From Sue Lange, a trailer for her novella, We, Robots (Conversation Pieces #16).

You can listen to Sue talking about We, Robots on Renee's Book Talk

And Pod People has posted a review of We, Robots here.

Matt Staggs has posted interviews with Nisi Shawl, Rachel Swirsky, and L. Timmel Duchamp at Enter the Octopus.

review of Mindscape has been posted at waiting2speak. Among the reviewer's comments is this:

[Mindscape] confirms that science fiction looks very different when it takes takes seriously 1) that a hero can be female and still sexy, violent, flawed, vulnerable and triumphant 2) a female hero of color can be all of these without being junglefied or mammied 3) people of color can play roles that aren't just witty, "ethnic throwback" sidekicks or helplessly tormented victims.

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