Monday, July 7, 2008

Men & Women in SF

Thanks for your comments. I was discouraged by the people who didn't think there was any problem and the guy who thought "the free market" fixes all problems; and I was discouraged by the interchange by Gordon van Gelder and Tempest. It seems to me once Gordon posted, he should have been willing to continue the conversation for a while.

But I don't pay enough attention to what happens in SFdom, and especially in SFdom on line. So I can be disturbed by something ongoing, when I suddenly notice it.

I was disturbed by the news of Thomas Disch's death. I have not been able to find a New York Times obit for him, which strikes me as puzzling. He is an important American writer.

Some of his work is truly impressive. But he was often cruel to his characters, and his vision of life was often too bleak for me.

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Nancy Jane Moore said...

Here is Tom Disch's obit in this morning's Times.
One of the things I miss about reading The Times in print is scanning through the obits and finding out about some very interesting person I never heard of before.