Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Update on Plugged In

In a post over at, titled "UNIX-based A.I. and a Siemens Arificial Womb for Men," Annalee Newitz has reviews Plugged In. Here's a snippet:

Need a quick dose of weird, brainy science fiction but don't have time to commit to an entire short story collection? Then consider a new kind of book, from Aqueduct Press, which you might call a short story single, with an A-Side and a B-Side (though both stories get an A from this reader). Plugged In contains "The Man Who Plugged In," by L. Timmel Duchamp and "Kingdom of the Blind" by Maureen McHugh. Both authors were guests of honor at Wiscon in May, and I grabbed a signed copy at that event. We hear that it will soon be available from Aqueduct.

As a matter of fact, copies of Plugged In will arrive at Aqueduct on Friday, so we'll be putting the title up on our Orders page in the next day or two. I'll be sure to let y'all know when we've got it set up.

ETA: Plugged In can now be purchased through Aqueduct's site here.

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Josh said...

Illuminate the Patrick Nielsen Hayden signal: Newitz has misspelled "Delany" (okay, I guess it'd be worse if she'd written "Du Chomp" or one of the other variations on LTD's name I've been seeing around the ljsphere)!