Monday, August 25, 2014

Lisa M. Bradley's The Haunted Girl

I'm pleased to announce the release of Lisa M. Bradley's The Haunted Girl, as volume 41 in Aqueduct's Conversation pieces series. The volume includes twenty-one poems and five stories. The supernatural, the animal, and the deadly often find each other in Bradley's landscapes, tame or wild. Vampires, either restless or filled with ennui; shape-shifters and skin-walkers; demigoddesses of evil and lust; haunted girls and dying fairies—the characters in this collection inhabit worlds of danger, decay, and, sometimes, rebirth. Often rooted in issues of family, ritual, and belonging, the poems and short stories in The Haunted Girl display Bradley's loving mastery of language, which grants us myriad moments of impish wit and startling beauty.

The cover of The Haunted Girl features Jenny Andersen's "Texts for a Lost Tribe, #3."

The Haunted Girl is available now through Aqueduct's website in both print and e-book editions. It will be available elsewhere shortly.

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