Sunday, July 3, 2011

Chicago and Afrofuturism

D. Denenge Akpem has written an article, “Are you ready to alter your destiny?”: Chicago and Afro-Futurism, Part 1 of 2, posted at Chicago Art Magazine. It begins "This Independence Day, let us consider a different kind of liberation: Afro-Futurism." It offers a definition of Afro-futurism:
Afro-Futurism is rooted in history and African cosmologies, using pieces of the past, technological and analog, to build the future. These works rethink and rework notions of identity; hybridity; the alien and states of alienation; belonging, immigration, migration; and the “vessel” both corporeal and metaphoric, symbolized as a vehicle for liberation. Afro-Futurism asks: what does “Blackness” or “liberation” look like in the future, real or imagined?
And it makes me eager to get my hands on Krista Franklin's SEED (The Book of Eve): The Octavia E. Butler Artist Book. If any of y'all know anything about this book please do speak. It has a 2007 date. 


CJDevall said...

Krista Franklin's got some of her photos from the book- sounds like a handmade book- on a Myspace page, and has a Facebook page. She's been showing parts of the SEED book. You could just send her a FB message and ask about it.

A cool piece:

D. Denenge Akpem said...

Yes, contact her directly at facebook. I will let her know that you are trying to reach her.

The book exists now as one piece and as CJ has mentioned, she does have images of most of it.