Thursday, July 31, 2008


More than a dozen writers who've had stories published in Helix have collaborated to produce a new site called Transcriptase, which features the work they've had published in Helix as well as a summary of the Sanders controversy and commentary on the controversy.

Transcriptase hosts reprints of our stories and poems originally published at Helix. During the controversy, some of us removed our work from Helix; others left it up. There are valid reasons to make either choice, and we hope you’ll respect that we had difficult decisions to make. We offer our stories and poems at Transcriptase so that you can enjoy our work away from Helix, if you choose.

It’s difficult to summarize how we feel about the incident, since each of us feels differently. Our reactions range from disappointed to sad to angry. Some writers have chosen to add further comments to this statement.

The authors include

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