Monday, June 23, 2008

Support Clarion West and my goal of finishing a new novel this summer

Clarion West's fifth annual Write-a-thon began today and will run for six weeks--the length of the Clarion West Writers Workshop. They are looking for sponsors to support participating writers in meeting their goals. Sponsors can pledge what suits their budgets -- $1/week, $5/week, $20/week – or just a flat amount for the six weeks.

Although I'm not a Clarion alumna, Kate Schaefer at Clarion West invited me to participate in their fundraising Write-a-thon (perhaps because I was an instructor in 2005), so I am looking for sponsors, too. I decided to set an ambitious goal: to finish a novel in progress with the working title of "Deep Story" (a title that will almost certainly change). The novel is premised on an application of proteomics (an area of the biological sciences currently in its infancy) that in its totality and immediacy far surpasses the ability of virtual reality to convey information and recreate emotional experiences. I'm picking it up at roughly 57,000 words. Although I don't usually show unfinished work to anybody, I've posted the first five chapters of the working ms on my website here for the duration of the Write-a-thon. I'd be happy to make weekly reports on my progress to anyone who chooses to sponsor me, and on (presumed) publication, I'll happily thank said sponsors again, on the acknowledgments page.

Clarion West is a great institution to support, even for those who haven't attended it and don't plan to do so. It has benefitted many of today's best or most promising writers. Every donation is tax-deductable and will be appreciated, even if your budget limits you to a a very modest amount. You can sponsor me by going to my Write-a-thon page on Clarion West's site.

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