Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Last Night's Reading

I'm happy to report that Nisi Shawl's reading at University Bookstore brought out more than fifty people, and Tom had to provide the bookstore with an additional ten copies of Filter House (that we brought along just in case) when the bookstore's display stack sold out. (I'm always thrilled when this happens, of course.)

Nisi read "Bird Day" and a portion of "Wallamelon." Later, a few attendees told me that they wouldn't be able to go to sleep that night until after they'd finished reading "Wallamelon." During the Q&A in a response to a question about the ease and apparent naturalness of her writing voice, Nisi informed us that she had learned only two things in college: how to roll a joint (which she admitted she hadn't done in a long time) and the importance of reading your work aloud while you're still composing it.

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