Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Another Iraqi Liberated from All Mortal Woes

I just saw that Leila Hussein, who'd had the courage to leave her husband in Basra after he proudly killed their teen-aged daughter, has herself been murdered. Horrifying.

Unfortunately, I learned this through Pharyngula and neglected to consider Swirksy's observation elsewhere on this very blog that the comments there are a cesspit. The bulk of the commenters are ranting, "This shows the evils of Islam!" and "This would never happen in the secular West!" and responding to more nuanced interpretations with "How can you say AMERICA has something to do with these crimes?"

Without excusing the triggermen, I think it clear that Leila Hussein's death is another of the hundreds of thousands for which Cheney, Wolfie, Rummy, Feith, Rice, Powell, their cheerleaders in the media, and every unrepentant supporter of the AUMF bears responsibility.

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