Friday, February 1, 2019

Award Season at Aqueduct Press

For your convenience, we have gathered all the titles that we published in 2018 and are eligible for awards this year. We are very proud of our catalogue and happy to be providing samples for you to read on each link. A bit further below, you will find all the poems and short stories that are original to the 2018 Conversation Pieces and can be considered individually.


The Breath of the Sun, by Isaac R. Fellman* (2018)
Chercher La Femme, by L. Timmel Duchamp (2018)


The Adventure of the Dux Bellorum, by Cynthia Ward (2018)


People Change by Gwynne Garfinkle (2018)
If Not Skin by Toby MacNutt (2018)
Feed Me the Bones of Our Saints by Alex Dally MacFarlane (2018)
Liminal Spaces by Beth Plutchak (2018)
Invocabulary by Gemma Files (2018)

Short fiction

In People Change by Gwynne Garfinkle:

·      “The Paper Doll Golems”

In If Not Skin by Toby MacNutt:

·      “Skin-Changer”

In Feed Me the Bones of Our Saints by Alex Dally MacFarlane:

·      “O Fox Confessor, Your Mouth is as Powdered Turmeric”

In Liminal Spaces by Beth Plutchak:

·      “The Swan Sister”

·      “Skin and Bone”
·      “What She Thought She Knew”
·      “A Matter of Time”


In People Change by Gwynne Garfinkle:

·      “levitation class”

·      “Irena in the Garden”
·      “Flaxen Mane”
·      “Gojira / Godzilla”
·      “Thirteen Faces of Deathdream”
·      “Mildred’s Villanelle”
·      “shell”
·      “love song from The Blob”
·      “to Steve McQueen”

In If Not Skin by Toby MacNutt:

·      “Heart to Heart”

·      “Relapse”
·      “Grit”
·      “All Sparks”
·      “Running Cold”
·      “Of Burials at Sea”
·      “Journeyman”
·      “Subtle Revels”
·      “Flashpoint”
·      “Planetary Alveolus”
·      “Burning the Candle”
·      “Best Beloved, Flesh of My Flesh”

In Invocabulary by Gemma Files:

·      “Ed Gein at Night

·      “She Who Stops
·      “Minotaur
·      “A Batch of Golems”
·      “Ruach Elohim”
·      “Old Traitor”
·      “Mad Boys Make No Kings”
·      “Clown, Considered as a Memento Mori”
·      “Calving”
·      “Litany of the Family Bean”
·      “The Glass Mask”
·      “La Monadologie”
·      “The White Queen Speaks”
·      “A Container of Ashes”
·      “The Black Telephone”
·      “Metropolis/Babel”
·      “Bits and Pieces”
·      “Sacred”
·      “Build Your Own”
·      “Bad Fathers”
·      “Nobody Sleeps”
·    ·       “Onion Boy”
·   ·        “A Stone in My Mouth”
·      “A Black Thraw

*Initially published as Rachel Fellman

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