Monday, January 8, 2018

The Cascadia Subduction Zone, Vol. 8, 1

Aqueduct Press kicks off the new year with a new issue of The Cascadia Subduction Zone. This issue includes a speech by Nisi Shawl given last fall, poetry by Neile Graham and Maya Chhabra, a Grandmother Magma column by Jennifer Stevenson, and reviews of books by Seanan McGuire, Jane Yolen, Ursula Pflug, and others. The issue's art work and art essay is by Chris Roberts, who illustrated Claire North's novel The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August. You can purchase a single issue (electronic) for $3 or $5 (print) or a year's subscription for (electronic) $10 or (both print and electronic) $16 at

 Vol. 8, 1 (2018)
Genius Communitas
  by  Nisi Shawl

Suite of Poems
  by Neile Graham

Singers of the Deep
a response to Alexander
Pushkin’s “Arion”
   by Maya Chhabra

Grandmother Magma
Why Science Is Practiced So Awkwardly
Reflections on Gender and
, by Evelyn Fox Keller
   by Jennifer Stevenson
Book Reviews
The Wayward Children series,
by Seanan McGuire
   reviewed by Arley Sorg

Mountain, by Ursula Pflug
  reviewed by Joanne Rixon

The Obama Inheritance, edited by Gary Phillips
  reviewed by Cynthia Ward

Luminescent Threads, edited by Alex Pierce
and Mimi Mondal
   reviewed by Ayana Jamieson

The Emerald Circus, by Jane Yolen
   reviewed by Kristin King

Featured Artist
Chris Roberts

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