Friday, November 11, 2016

WisCon Chronicles call for submissions: deadline extension

This from Jaymee Goh, editor of the forthcoming volume of The WisCon Chronicles:

WisCon, WisCon, DO YOU READ?

 In the face of the election results, I am EXTENDING the deadline for the WisCon Chronicles to December 1.And if you need to use this platform to talk about the trial of whiteness that is the election, that would not be amiss.

WisCon, WisCon, DO YOU READ?


Nancy Jane Moore said...

Do you mean that we can change our topic to something that focuses on the election rather than WisCon actions? Because I just read Carol Anderson's White Rage and have some thoughts on that subject. Also, I'm finding it hard to care much about internal fights among people I mostly agree with.

Jha said...

While my preference is a focus on WisCon or at least tying the piece back to WisCon, I'll have a look at something that looks at problems of race and racism pertaining to the theme.

Although I would ask you to consider how these thoughts on white rage tie back to WisCon because whether or not we like it, internal fights between people we mostly agree with is a symptom of a larger problem beyond the convention.