Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The WisCon Chronicles, Vol. 8: Re-Generating WisCon

I'm happy to announce Aqueduct's release of The WisCon Chronicles, 8: Re-Generating WisCon, which Aqueduct launched last month at WisCon. This volume is edited by Rebecca J. Holden, who notes that WisCon is filled with strong opinions and loud voices, and that central to any discussion about definitions of feminisms are questions about outsiders and insiders: Who is WisCon? Who is feminist? Whose opinion matters? Whose voice is heard? Who counts? Who belongs to which generation and does that matter? What does WisCon mean now? What will it mean for future generations?
This volume collects stories, poems, essays, blog posts, and speeches that explore these questions within the framework of the feminism(s) of WisCon spanning “waves,” generations, and media. In addition to three speeches —by WisCon 37 Guests of Honor Joan Slonczewski and Jo Walton, and Tiptree Award winner Kiini Ibura Salaam—the volume includes a spotlight section on poetry and visual arts, Heather Whipple’s statistical study of con attendance, Elise Matthesen’s and Nancy Jane Moore’s thoughts on reporting and ending sexual harassment in conventions, and Janice Mynchenberg’s reflections on being a Christian pastor within the sf/f community. Other contributors include Heather Lindsley, Sandra Lindow, Beth Putchak, L. Timmel Duchamp, Nisi Shawl, Joan Haran, Naomi Mercer, Rachel Kronick, Lesley Wheeler, Sofia Samatar, Lisa Bolekaja, Kristen Kest, Clara Abnet-Holden, and Anne Lane Sheldon.

Re-Generating WisCon is available now through Aqueduct in both print and e-book editions, and will be available elsewhere soon. 

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