Sunday, October 27, 2013

The XY Conspiracy by Lori Selke

I'm pleased to announce another new volume in the Conversation Pieces series-- #37, The XY Conspiracy, a novella by Lori Selke. Among the questions driving Jyn to undertake a long road trip is this one: Why are there no Women in Black? Why is it always Men in Black?

An Asian-American lesbian, Jyn makes her living stripping in clubs in San Francisco. But stripping is only her day job. Her true vocation is UFO hunting. One night, working at her day job, she sights a Man in Black and realizes he is stalking her.
But why would they be after me? Sure, I’d posted a few things on various message boards, and, like everyone else these days, I had a blog and a mailing list that I was supposed to send monthly newsletters to, except it was more like quarterly. My correspondents didn’t know about the day job, though. How had they found me? Why did they care?

Unless I was onto something? Unless I was right? My theories aren’t entirely orthodox within the UFO community, after all. Maybe I had accidentally stumbled on something a little too hot, a little too close to closely-held secrets that I’m not supposed to question.
Jyn’s “not entirely orthodox theories” involve the origins and history of the XY chromosomes. The next day, Jyn packs up her car and sets off on an extended road trip—part “serious UFO tourism” and part flight from the MIB—that takes her though a variety of western states, stripping in clubs and bars as she goes, drawn, inexorably, to New Mexico…

Aqueduct is selling The XY Conspiracy for $9 at We'll be releasing an ebook edition soon. And of course the book will soon be available in the usual places you can find our books.

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