Friday, March 8, 2013

Sheree Thomas judging speculative fiction contest

Heads up! This notice just arrived in my mailbox:

Ragazine.CC is offering a $1,000.00 prize for the best piece of speculative fiction completed by a person of color in 2013. We will begin accepting electronic (e-mail) entries dated on or after March 20, 2013, and on or before June 20th. The winner will be announced in September; the prize includes publication in Ragazine.CC. Second and third place selections also will be published in the same or subsequent issues of Ragazine.CC.

The final judge for the contest is Sheree Renée Thomas, a well-known fiction writer and editor of the Dark Matter series and author of Shotgun Lullabies (a CP volume).

Editor Joe Weil writes: "I conceived of the contest as a way to bring attention to both an under-served genre of writing (serious, artistic speculative fiction) and an under-served population of writers weilgardenrelated to that genre: speculative writers of color. Many contests are far broader, but this is meant  to highlight  a type of writing and writers who may not be at all that well known to our readers and who deserve recognition."

You can find the contest rules here: (Note, there is an entry fee.)

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Sheree Renee Thomas said...

Hi Timmi, the editor of Ragazine.CC responded to feedback from the community and have reduced the entry fee to $15 and additional prizes (editorial critiques, signed copies of SHOTGUN LULLABIES). More details to come, but here is the most recent update (and thanks for sharing this):